A little online application with interactive map that shows sun movement and sunlight phases (with dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk times) during the given day at the given location.
I would like to...
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Тень маркера зависит от положения солнца

Чтобы вот этот маркер ( отбрасывал тень в зависимости от положения солнца. Мелочь, но очень приятная...
Response from the site administrator
Mourner, 09.04.2010
Смотрется будет клёво, но реализовать это довольно нетривиальная задача :) подумаю, спасибо
ign, 07.04.2010, 06:40
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The buttons are in the way of the map controls

Can you move the Weather Forecast and About buttons. They are in the way of the zoom and satellite/map controls. Thanks
Rory McSwiggan, 04.10.2015, 14:53
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The "Weather Forecast" blocks the map zoom buttons

When I view the map, the "Weather Forecast" and "About Suncalc" text button / box covers the map zoom button and the map controls on the upper left hand side as well. Will there be a fix soon?
Sonny, 07.10.2015, 16:28
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display N,E,S,W and degrees on outer circle

Would like to see the points of the compass and degrees on the outer cirlce
mkjaynes, 28.01.2012, 11:27
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Thank you for making the SunCalc available to all

Robert, 31.12.2012, 22:33
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Sun angles

I will be good if you can specify the angles made by sun with horizontal and vertical planes, and also the azimuthal and zenithal angle
Abhinav, 30.05.2012, 14:51
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Weather forecast link hides map zoom in safari.

Please move the link somewhere else.
Heidi, 20.09.2015, 16:49
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Приложение для Android

Чтобы оно автономно работало с введенными координатами ну и карой, качающийся с интернета
kkk, 23.10.2010, 06:39
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Add checkbox set Daylight Savings Time

This would enable users to set DST on or off in case they are at a location that does not observe DST.
HDL-NYC, 20.06.2010, 01:00
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print map with showing the loaction, time

It would be nice if the program would generate a nice report showing the sun location along with the time and date fthe specific time indicated and show the location entered by the user.
bkt, 11.07.2011, 16:19
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also see sun angles by clicking or holding on symb

show angles of sun in elevation and bearing when clicking or holding cursor on symbol of sun in the time line
bilyz, 25.12.2012, 14:03
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Rotate sun position info when roating Satelite map

When sufficient zoomed into the Satellite map, the map can be rotated in 90 degree increments, but the Suncalc info does not rotate along with it.
Darren , 14.11.2011, 22:32
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Add darker shading for various twilight times.

This would be helpful for amateur astronomers to guage the start and end times of an observing session. Thanks - great app!
Mark Paulson, 21.04.2011, 02:49
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shadow length calculator

I wonder if it would be possible, to automate extraction of the data from satellite imaginary and google street view, to calculate approx. shadow length? Or, according the angle of the sun, to introduce shadow unit calculator, i.e. entering your...
d, 29.07.2012, 10:28
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Link with google maps account

Create ability to link with google maps account and retrieve stared places
Greg, 07.11.2010, 04:48
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Have the slider show exact times

I love the functionality and design of the slider. But when I move it to either side of the Now, I'm never sure exactly where I'm setting it. "12:20ish" is the best I can do. The thing about this tool is that it's actually ridiculously...
Alex Bowles, 29.01.2012, 19:56
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Show solar noon line (could toggle on and off)

Show a Solar Noon Line in the graphic. Could create a toggle button between "Now" and "Solar Noon" in order to not make the graphic too busy. A great application by the way. Love it!
Jason Fisher, 29.06.2011, 19:10
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Extend lines to "horizon".

I would like to see the sun line all the way to the edge of the map, even if I zoom in or move the view so the position marker is way outside the current view.
Daniel Nilsson, 16.02.2011, 15:09
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A compass rose on the map would be useful

Show a compass rose on the map showing where north is
Sandy Millar, 29.11.2012, 20:19
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The weather forecast icon covers the zoom in zoom out + - Icons.
Eric M., 13.02.2016, 22:21
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Local time difference

It would be good to see what is local time difference between selected center and other map points: add inner circles with time gradations -5; -4; -3; -2; -1; 0; +1; +2; +3; +4; +5
Response from the site administrator
Mourner, 06.04.2010
Didn't quite get how this would look like...
Reiler, 06.04.2010, 17:18
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have degree markers on the circle.

I use the tool to figure out where light will fall on an airplane while I am out spotting / photographing them. It helps visualize what time of day the sun will be on either side of a particular runway. Having the degrees indicated in the circle...
Manny Gonzalez, 21.11.2011, 03:08
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Add an option to Save positions(favorite places)

i hope there's an option to save favorite places in the browser or in a file.
luham, 28.02.2012, 13:45
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Shadow map - lay this on top of topographical data

If you could somehow take this data and apply it in three dimensions on top pa topographical map/data to determine how topographical contours would produce shadows given the position of the sun at any time of year. It would be particularly useful...
Louis Kessler, 25.07.2012, 00:29
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URGENTLY change the buttons on the screen layout.

Since the last change the map/satellite button is partially obscured by about suncalc/improvements button and in the other corner the map +/- button is obscured by the weather button. This happens on a PC and and I pad, making the ipad version...
Griffonmeister, 11.10.2015, 07:03
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Set location with latitude and longitude as well

I’m a sailor. It will be nice to set location with latitude and longitude as well and to have latitude and longitude for chosen location in “More detailed”.
Pipe, 05.11.2012, 20:59
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see suncalc in streetview

It would be really useful to see the sun position from Streetview. Great for producing timelapse images so you know when the sun will pass a certain position.
dan, 23.09.2013, 21:01
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show where the sun rises and sets on street view

Hi, When in street view, I would like to see the same information as the circle you show on satellite view. This way I could see the spot where the sun will rise and set. It is much easier to visualize it on street view than on satellite view.
Paulo Rocha, 16.11.2013, 19:19
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Weather link button

Weather link button hides the "-" button for decreasing resolution
Reinhard, 03.10.2015, 08:54
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Add switch for 12hr v 24 hr time

Not that I cant figure it out but can we have a switch for 12 hr time instead of 24 hr time. I'm lazy what can I say.
Evan Thomas, 29.04.2011, 04:44

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