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show where the sun rises and sets on street view


When in street view, I would like to see the same information as the circle you show on satellite view. This way I could see the spot where the sun will rise and set. It is much easier to visualize it on street view than on satellite view.

Paulo Rocha , 16.11.2013, 18:19
Idea status: under consideration


Catita, 25.12.2013, 04:50
this is a nice skeleton onlitue it would be good for school projects and such. unlike keylockermac i have used this tutorial as a base frame and have built on it to include salting and hashing as well as protection from code injections. anywho the tutorial fufills its porpose so i say its good
Michel, 26.12.2013, 04:34
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Rebis, 27.12.2013, 09:26
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