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also see sun angles by clicking or holding on symb

show angles of sun in elevation and bearing when clicking or holding cursor on symbol of sun in the time line

bilyz , 25.12.2012, 13:03
Idea status: under consideration


Bryan, 03.01.2013, 19:14
You have made one COOL tool. Thanks.
The one thing I would like to see too are the angles. Tied to the slider bar would be nice.
Specifically I was trying to determine the azimuth along with minimum and maximum sun elevation (solstices?). I'm investigating where to place a tracking solar collector in relation to my house. Current angle would also be interesting information.

Thanks again for the great tool!
Junsu, 25.12.2013, 01:34
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Cheryl, 26.12.2013, 05:53
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