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add the length of the shadows

add the length of the shadows, depending on the height of the source

ant , 29.04.2010, 10:01
Idea status: under consideration


Wally Piper, 28.06.2010, 09:14
First, this is awesome. I sat down this morning looking for exactly this on the web and there you were.
I agree that the shadow thing would be great. I'm anti GPS. When I wander, I generally use shadows to guestimate what direction I'm headed in. Also solar noon. I actually have solar noon marked on the back porch at my office, but being able to quickly look it up for different locations would be nice. I can approximate it by moving the time slider and watching the sun pointer, but having it listed in the info box or maybe being able to snap the sun slider to it would be nice. Overall, though, this is one of the best google map apps I've seen. I love it. Is it possible to make a portable version that I could download so you can use it when no internet connection is available.
Mourner, 08.07.2010, 08:30
Thanks a lot for the warm feedback!
Making the app offline-capable is planned too (using HTML5 app cache).
Larry Sessions, 20.06.2012, 16:26
This sounds like a good idea, but since this information is often requried as part of class assignments, I suspect that students would use it to cheat on their work. I personally would like this information,too, but I say leave it out and make students do their own work.
Debbie, 27.09.2014, 15:06
Thank you for this calculator! I'm planning my landscaping and benefit greatly from knowing sun exposure at different times of the day/year. The ability to calculate shadow length would be helpful in creating my sun map. Maybe if there were a paid version for your program, it could be used by people like me trying to plan a garden, but unlikely to be used by students to cheat (unless they are truly desperate). None of the landscaping software does this. It could help you make money off of your work!

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