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Show duration of time periods in detailed information box

It takes a while to substract two time values to see, in example, the duration of daylight period, so it will be useful to show it somehow in detailed information box

SaintGrey , 06.04.2010, 21:30
Response from the site administrator
Mourner, 06.04.2010
Great idea, looks like something to be added very quickly :)
Idea status: scheduled


Paul, 08.01.2013, 10:54
Adding day length and difference (+/-) to the info box would be good
Pete, 13.01.2013, 21:01
Places where we have Polar nights, showing the total duration time from dawn to dusk is also important!
This could be showed also in graphical circle (see my suggestion "blue lines"
Pete, 13.01.2013, 21:05
Total times could be showed above the slider, just above text "12:00"
A) Total time from sunrise to sunset
B) Total time from dawn to dusk (important above arctic circle during the polar nights !)
Pete, 13.01.2013, 21:11
And if you could calculate and show these times also in Calendar mode (both times per day box) that would be GREAT !!!

It would give nice overall view and a great way to see how fast day is getting longer or shorter in each day.
Raquel, 05.08.2014, 09:51
The average daily daylight duration per month, would be just what I need.
Blackhawks, 23.07.2015, 17:04
Um, how quickly can you do this? It's only been 5 years since this request was made ... :P

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