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put equinox, winter & summer solstice buttons

Buttons that, when clicked, would move the sunrise/sunset lines where they would be at equinox and the summer and winter solstice. That would avoid changing the calendar to know what's the sun path during the extremes of sunlight (winter and summer solstices) and during equinox (spring and autumn).

Claudio , 11.05.2011, 00:38
Idea status: under consideration


mulhelen, 29.09.2011, 11:07
I agree. I would like to be able to find the direction of sunrise at midsummer to see if prehistoric monum,ents line up with it.
Evan, 10.01.2014, 15:05
Agreed. Adding thin lines on the chart for those events would help so you can see the direction of the sun during all events at the same time. I'd also add three buttons above or below the sunrise, sunset details that would be jump to those dates so you can see the full path.
Walter Peterson, 11.05.2014, 22:18
Ditto, this is what I came here for: Equinox, Winter & Summer solstice features.
IE Worst & Best case sun exposure on my north facing porch, gardens & maybe adding solar panels.

Otherwise, this is awesome!
Matt, 27.05.2014, 10:07
I'd like something related to the yearly amplitudes but simpler than what is suggested here:
I'm interested in a single button which shows 4 directions: sunrise and sunset for the 2 solstices.
(this can also be done by showing 2 sectors, 1 for sunrise yearly ampliture, the other for the sunset yearly amplitude)
The situation for the equinoxes is obvious and would clutter the display.
Ted, 22.12.2014, 12:37
Just remember June 21 and December 21 + or - a day. I have seen some interesting results on the east coast of the US. Roads that are parallel or perpendicular to the sunrise and sunset lines. State borders. Even my house is aligned with the Solstices. Summer Solstice sunrise is out the front door, Winter Solstice is out the back door.
Ted, 22.12.2014, 12:40
Sent before finishing.
Look at the northern borders of New Jersey and that southwest extension of Connecticut.
Halcyon, 09.09.2015, 21:52
I agree. I almost always enter dates of winter and summer solstices) and equinox (spring and autumn). And then go from there using time of day slider on the site. Great tool.
Ron, 19.05.2016, 01:33
I use Suncalc to help me advise people on how the sun will affect them when I build them a patio on their home. I use the summer and winter solstices to illustrate the extremes of the sun annually. This helps them understand how serious the sunshine will be when they are trying tomenjoyntheir patio.
Marco, 06.09.2016, 10:20
I second that, important info for Solar Panel installations.
anniesez2018, 23.02.2018, 20:05
Having info on sunrise, sunset, and where the sun travels on both solstices would be super helpful when I'm designing a landscape for a client, both to use as I design and to show the client. It would cut down on graphic clutter on the diagrams.

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