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Add a compass overlay to the map

If I'm standing at the location I need to know how to orient myself and the map...

Chris Bentley , 09.03.2011, 02:41
Idea status: under consideration


Ideaman, 08.10.2012, 06:45
Google Maps is always positioned on the north.
Bruce, 03.12.2013, 17:12
Except magnetic north is not true north.
Fred, 26.03.2016, 21:59
Add ability to draw lines and display compass direction of lines. I'd like to be able to orient a new house to let the morning sun shine into breakfast areas.
Carl, 22.03.2018, 22:48
exactly .. i want to know what time the sun hits my main window at what time of year so i can put my plants there . the sun does funky things up here in the AK i know how many degrees off north my window is so if they were on the map i could figure a pretty close time .
mathue, 15.10.2016, 21:12
I would love to see this implemented. Why? Video work actually, I can know exactly where the sun will rise and set. If I'm composing a time lapse shot it's very useful to know where the sun will be to know where to start and where the footage will likely end.
Will, 02.01.2017, 20:51
Folks, it's a map! Typically you look at the world around you and use points you can see around you to orient yourself relative to the map. You'll see the map "come to life".
Excellent work Vladimir Agafonkin, thank you.
Todd, 12.04.2017, 03:28
Here's why it's needed. My friends moved here from 1,000 miles south. Their kitchen window faces mostly east, but she is in the woods. It would be nice to give her this app so she knows on X date, the sun will rise at X degrees.
Peter, 11.09.2017, 15:48
Surely for a computer to establish the direction of true north it uses GPS so the problems with compasses and nearby magnetic items has been superseded. I would like the option for the map on the app to orientate itself to true north. This is because I would like to know accurately the direction of the sunrise and sunsets as I stand in my garden (solar panels are the reason).

There are no instructions issued with the app so some characteristics are confusing. Why are there sometimes two compass dials on the screen each pointing in different directions. How do I get the my location position move if I touch the screen. Sometimes when I touch the bottom left compass a black screen with a floating ball in a circle appears, why?
Carl, 22.03.2018, 22:56
magnetic north is 21 or 26 degrees off true north cant remember . if you were using a compass to figure how many degrees off of north you were pointing you would want to use the 'magnetic line' not the 'true' line which is usually straight up on a map . my compass tells me that my front main window is 40 degrees N/NW so i could use that off of the magnetic line to find where on the map im actually pointing, or subtract the 26 off my 40 and go 14 degrees off of the straight up line or 'true' on a map
Carl, 22.03.2018, 23:00
point in the N in the direction you want the sun to be facing you, then find those degrees . if the dial is pointing 20 degrees to the east of the N then you are actually facing 20 degrees West of the N

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