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Shadow Man

Create an icon of a man or any other commonly understood shape at the address or location of interest.
Create a shadow for the man and move the shadow depending on the sun angle.

As a homebuyer, i'm looking for good sunlight in a potential home, this application helps, but showing shadows is more understandable.

Amish Naik , 30.01.2011, 16:53
Idea status: under consideration


Andy Dean, 21.04.2013, 18:30

Add these votes to "Show shadow line from an object of X height" its the same request and will help push it up. :)
Alicia Janse van Rensburg, 23.02.2017, 08:53
This is a fantastic suggestion. I recently moved into a new house in a location that has many tall features and tall boundary walls. SHADOW MAN (love the name) will be exactly the tool i need to planning my garden correctly in terms of sun aspect. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!

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