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read the angle of the sun at a time, date and loc.

I have designed a device that allows owners of solar pool heating installations to get the most efficiency from their system. One of the parts is a sun sensor, and it must be properly oriented to work properly. To do so, an installer will need the direction and angle of the sun, at the peak of the summer solstice at noon, at a given location. Also, for myself as a the designer, I need to know the sun's angle at all times of the day, so that I can simplify part of the sun sensor and make the installer's job easier. So Ideally, I would like to be able to pick a direction and time of year, and view a tableshowing sun angles (hourly would be plenty of resolution) throughout the day. I know that's a lot, but if you can't help maybe you can help me understand how to calculate my own tables.

Randy Constan , 08.09.2018, 01:34
Idea status: under consideration


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