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Move the links so they don't cover the map tools

The map/satellite toggles and the map zoom in/zoom out tools are covered by the About Suncalc and the Weather link boxes

FAB , 28.09.2015, 22:16
Idea status: under consideration


Russell Bartlett, 05.09.2016, 20:37
Pastor Corydon, 04.02.2017, 09:12
Yes please move these labels. They are really annoying, and the only bad thing about this very useful site. It stops one shifting to Google's contour map, which is useful for seeing where a mountain or hill might obscure the sunshine at a particular time.
Apisit, 20.08.2018, 01:38
topic from 2016
still ui error in 2018
GT, 01.09.2018, 11:43
Agreed - this is very annoying, as satellite view allows buildings to be targeted.
Cameron Carothers, 20.09.2018, 22:10
The satellite view button is covered by the About Suncalc links in both Safari and Chrome browsers on my Macbook Pro. This happened when I upgraded OS to High Sierra. I used to be able to just get the corner of the satellite button which was mostly covered by the links previously. Renders app useless to me
John, 22.09.2018, 13:14
I fully agree the satellite view button is covered very very annoying please remove the About Suncalc link pleeeease
Daniel, 08.10.2018, 04:01
Yes yes please! just a few pixels down or right would make all the difference. Probably a simple fix that would restore functionality.

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