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remove Weather Forecast button!!

The weather forecast button is right on top of other key buttons for Suncalc----how can I remove it??

wayne , 24.09.2015, 15:42
Idea status: under consideration


Richard, 27.09.2015, 09:15
Indeed, please remove it or make it that you can move it around. Now it is very hard to zoom out.
HANSeR, 29.12.2015, 06:52
Newyear idee: stop considering and replace the Weather Forcast button. A nice place? Down/Left.....
Martin, 17.01.2016, 01:55
Not only the 'Weather Forecast' box - the 'About Suncalc/Improvement Ideas' box also obscures buttons.

Very annoying, especially when the rest of the site is so easy to use & useful.

PLEASE reposition or make mobile so they can be positioned anywhere the user considers unimportant.
Nigel, 08.02.2016, 12:48
Good idea to move Weather forecast Can't zoo out to get a better view of map :-(
Andreas, 25.02.2016, 07:10
Such a perfect service. The weather forecast blocking important functionality is just soon wrong in so many ways:) Please push this from consideration to fixed;)

Ps. I understand that ads is needed, but they don´t normally block functionality
Stew Mills, 16.03.2016, 16:17
I would like to add my congratulations on such a good and handy app, but I would also have to agree about the two blocks covering important functional button. Please move them to other positions.
Ed A, 31.03.2016, 21:02
please please move or make movable the weather link
ruins an otherwise great app
Paddy, 22.04.2016, 11:29
As mentioned many times, PLEASE move the weather forecast button so that it doesn't block the zoom functions. Otherwise, a great app. Thanks.
Brian, 17.05.2016, 18:49
Re the weather button, I thought it was just me. I cannot think why someone would do that. Please move it.
Andy, 25.05.2016, 05:08
This suggestion was made eight months ago, and yet it's still an issue
AJ, 01.06.2016, 12:23
This renders the tool completely unusable. I don't get why it is even there in the first place.
Dave, 18.06.2016, 14:15
Please get rid of the weather forecast link. It's ruining the app as you can't zoom out. I used to use it loads, now it's not worth the hassle.
Dave, 18.06.2016, 14:28
People may find this temporary fix useful:

Hit F12, scroll down through HTML for the following element:

Weather forecast »

Delete the element, hey presto, no weather forecast link!
Joe, 05.07.2016, 12:21
Good call Dave it works.
Liza, 16.10.2016, 08:51
Love this but yes, please make the boxes moveable!

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