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Create a REVERSE Search

Create a "Reverse Search" to make it easy to determine the date when sunset (or sunrise) will occur on a specific azimuth.

HDL-NYC , 20.06.2010, 22:06
Idea status: under consideration


Janis, 13.11.2011, 17:02
It would be very nice!
Kevin Dobo, 29.04.2013, 06:53
Being able to key in an exact angle would be cool, but this would also be solved by implementing the more popular suggestion of a slider for day/month/year in addition to time.

It could also be done by allowing the user to "grab" the sunrise/sunset lines and drag them to a desired sun angle. The only catch is that the same sun angle occurs twice a year - so you'd have to be able to specify which date(s) were intended.
palocx, 06.08.2014, 00:20
Will be very useful !!!
for me will be much more useful than another recommendations!

but this is amazing app!
Meiki67, 13.04.2016, 08:28
Yes - need this all the time - have to forward search with trial and error until find correct coordinates.
Keep doing your good work !

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