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Moon movement, Moon's phases, the distance to Moon.

UR6LAD, 06.04.2010, 22:04
Idea status: scheduled


Bob, 20.12.2011, 23:46
I would also suggest putting in tides...
scott, 11.05.2012, 14:48
The website is suncalc not mooncalc
Allen, 15.01.2013, 16:13
By that logic Apple should sell apples. And I suppose every car manufacturer in the world should be called Car?
scott, 15.01.2013, 22:24
I would also like to suggest including fun space facts like- the blue color of Uranus is caused by the methane in its atmosphere.
Uli, 30.09.2012, 10:00
I also suggest adding movement of the moon despite of the websitename - many people interested in detailed data of the sun are also interested in such of the moon.
Luca, 16.03.2015, 18:39
I agree. Moon info would prove crucial to photographers as well. I don't know whether you are aware of http://app.photoephemeris.com, there's a lot of info. maybe through checkboxes one could just select the info required. I understand that interface is minimal, which is great. I love it. i was thinking of sliding menus.
Steve Silverman, 14.10.2012, 07:33
I can really use the moon stats so call it SunMooncalc
Oddur, 26.04.2013, 23:29
Love the idea with the Moon as I use this site for photography and moon is a part of it
this site it great and i like it a lot.

So moon location and phase would be great with hight.

the idea that I would like most it to know when the moon or sun is in some location.
as I am thinking about the location and when the sun og moon would be in the
perfect location
Stefan, 24.09.2014, 19:05
that should not be so complicated - the backend- the javascript library is capable of calculating the moon already..
it is really a cool lib! easy to use! and works :-)
Monica, 16.06.2013, 09:53
Your answer was just what I nedeed. It's made my day!
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ecubed, 06.10.2013, 21:17
moonrise and moonset?
Malcolm, 02.06.2014, 01:41
Great Site!! I love all this info. Thank you very much.
nick, 21.10.2014, 12:15
Moon cycles would be perfect too… will this happen soon?
sandy, 04.01.2015, 22:08
like other comments here, as a photographer I find Suncalc so useful and a Mooncalc would be equally useful. It would be a great tool to have. Thanks for Suncalc - love it!
john, 18.02.2015, 06:11
I use suncalc as a gardener.
Mooncalc would be great for planting and harvesting phases.
Heather Coleman, 02.07.2015, 12:09
Yes please, an identical app but with the moon. I take time lapse film so having the exact angle of rise and set allows me to work out the perfect location to be. Suncalc is brilliant, well done!
Martin C Jones, 03.07.2015, 00:21
As a photographer I find SunCalc very useful. I would love to have the moon calculation also. I use them to study and set up shot. It is very useful.
James, 31.05.2016, 19:48
Moon movements would be super cool too. Great app by the way!
lee nation, 25.12.2017, 17:14
it would be a GREAT option MOON CALC!!
seria una GRAN opcion MOON CALC!!

keep it up, super app!
Sorensen, 18.03.2019, 09:18
I love this!
XENOPHON MOUSSAS, 11.07.2019, 08:01
I know it is a solar software.
Including lunar rise and extreme rises of the moon will be of great help for many astronomers and archaeoastronomers.

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