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Add an option to display time in local timezone.

Currently SunCalc shows all times in the visitor's timezone. It would be great to make an option to display them in local timezone (tied to the current location).

Mourner, 04.04.2010, 13:17
Idea status: scheduled


HDL-NYC, 20.06.2010, 22:07
Great idea! Please include Daylight Savings Time options (On / Off)
Gregor, 22.09.2014, 09:46
I would also like to see local solar time
Sam Welply, 20.06.2011, 12:51
Yup. I second that. I was trying to work out the movement of the sun for a holiday home in Thailand and it's very confusing when it says the sun rises at midnight and sets at midday.
Chris B., 28.04.2017, 15:38
Same here. I am calculating the sun azimuth and height for the island of Palau and it would be nice if we can get the local time from the place that we are working at.
Thank you in advance. It is a great help anyway!!!!!!
Chris B.
Chris, 18.07.2011, 07:33
For me, the main use case is actually to look up the sunset for places which I will visit. And often they are in a different timezone.
Calculating the time shift by myself is also difficult, because I also often don't know if there is daylight saving time and when.

Worse, if the place is close by but is in a different time zone or has different daylight saving, I will get wrong a time and don't know about it. I mean living in the Netherlands and checking out Osaka in Japan, I can figure that 12:00 pm is not the correct local time for sunset. However, If I go to South Africa (same or similar time zone), I can be wrong by 2h without knowing.
Mike, 24.10.2011, 21:24
It would also be very useful to have the time in zulu. This time is used by Pilots, and is the same all over the world regardless of the timezone or daylight savings.

Tim, 10.02.2012, 06:53
Agree 100% - originally from UK, Living in the Middle East and building in Philippines, it would certainly be useful if the application could do the mental arithmetic, rather than the user having to think about it!
Mike, 05.04.2013, 15:36
Yes - this is badly needed. Currently it uses the system clock and for a traveler who leaves a laptop set to home time zone, this causes the times to be displayed back at home rather than the location viewing.
Cesar, 08.04.2013, 03:53
I've checked the truthfulness and accuracy of the calculated data in this site, data are pretty truthful and accurate, but the shifted values due to the timezone difference between the searched place and the visitor's actual place could generate distrust about all calculated data.
Fatma, 13.06.2013, 12:55
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scott, 08.08.2013, 16:42
I think this is really necessary. Not having it is confusing. If, living in London, UK, I drag the location to the US, the sunrise time shows as lunchtime and sunset at midnight. At the very least, all times should be displayed as UTC or GMT
Marcos, 19.08.2013, 00:09
I agree with this idea. Please, just add some radio buttons below the search fields (or maybe a dropdown list), for "use this location timezone", "use my timezone", "use specific timezone", etc.
Peter Finnberg, 04.12.2013, 07:00
+1 on the daylight saving on/off.

For me Its actually I couldnt find any information if the time shown includes or excludes the daylight savings time.
Andrewh, 24.01.2014, 17:19
+1 to having local time.

If not that, then at least have a notation somewhere that the time is set to your system time and may need to be adjusted. Or put system time with GMT in parentheses.
"Currently SunCalc shows all times in the visitor's timezone." This is exactly what I have been looking for; i.e. at any particular point of time of the day, in relation to my own time, I would like to know where the sun is rising or setting. You may add other features, but, please do retain this feature. THANKS!
Gary, 12.05.2014, 18:21
Great app - I'm using it for a "ship's sunset time" calculator, and for the port I'm departing from it works find since I am in the same time zone and daylight time will not change unitl the cruise. So, I would choose to allow selection of one or two alternate timezones (that also allows for the GMT request) to be displayed, with the default still being your own time zone.
Joe Potts, 24.07.2014, 18:10
I vote for feature to switch to display all data in local time. Might be implemented through access to/use of a database that's already online. DST on/off is of NO value, as long as the system does it automatically with reference to the chosen day of the year.
Don Petersburg, 02.11.2014, 09:31

Here's a solution...
Stefan, 08.01.2015, 19:22
eventually you can use the moment.js timezone thing for this idea...
sunny greetings
Pauli, 06.03.2015, 10:17
Vote for this feature. I would like to use this for travel photography planning, but currently is not usable
Ant Tuson, 18.04.2015, 13:25
Very useful site, but would definitely be nice to have the option to display times in Zulu/UTC
commenter, 20.04.2015, 08:46
Button: Display times in my local timezone (PC local time)
Button: Display local times at chosen location
Button: Display times as UTC
Button: Daylight Saving Time Enable/Disable for chosen date
Jan B., 21.01.2016, 19:24
+1 Great idea!!!
Alex, 18.04.2016, 14:56
Brian, 08.07.2015, 14:51
This is a wonderful facility but having the ability to at least know if you are looking at local time or location time would be useful. The option to choose would be even better. I use this site a lot for scouting for trips abroad from the UK so ability to adjust timezone would be invaluable.
Daniel, 18.02.2016, 14:19
+1 on this.

I came across the site today, looking to determine a good place to watch a sunset while we're on vacation. Then when I was looking at the time chart, I realized I was going to have to look elsewhere to get the actual times since those displayed were based on my current timezone, not that of the place where I was searching. Otherwise, this is a remarkably valuable tool. Thanks so much for it!
Rich, 23.03.2016, 06:28
Yes, I'd really love to see Jan B.'s idea with the time zone selection buttons.

Having been using this app on and off since I found it in 2010 and been wanting that feature ever since.

Daylight saving time ?
I think we should just abolish DST universally and fix that specific issue for good.

Meanwhile, the work around is to change the time zone in your PC 'date and time' setting to location of interest.
Don't forget to set your PC date/time back when you are done;*)
Roger, 20.07.2017, 13:17
I changed the time zones on my PC too but with regards to DST not every place does it each year. (Arizona not having DST in 2017)
Phil Kirby, 19.09.2016, 04:55
Yes, agree this would be an excellent addition to this valuable tool
Joel McMinn, 07.11.2016, 14:02
Presently 1 day after our shift from daylight saving time to standard time. Application still shows standard time on Android. Also, the - button to condense the map has something on top of it making it inaccessible. Thanks.
James Morley, 16.12.2016, 18:55
I came to the 'ideas' page to make exactly this suggestion. Any plans to implement it?
Sander Van Schoote, 06.03.2017, 05:36
Jürgen, 23.01.2017, 12:31
This site is really nice, but I am missing particulary this option. Would be nice, if you implent that the timescale shows the time of the location of the marker. I am not very into this stuff, but im sure it's possible to do it.
Kind regards
Bonnie, 11.05.2017, 02:28
Yes please add function to allow data be shown in local time!
Roger, 20.07.2017, 13:14
I live in the UK and I'm travelling from Los Angeles to Chicago along route 66 through 3 time zones. It would be useful to know if I will be travelling in the dark lol
Jean-Michel, 05.11.2017, 12:55
As I am writing, local time seems to be the default option., which is fine. But...
Am I right in thinking that local time is PRESENT local time whatever the year involved? Let me explain. I entered a place in France in 1957. In those days, France had not yet implemented the "summer time" (UTC+2 instead of UTC+1). Yet, SunCalc doesn't seem to take that into account.
David Rapoport, 19.11.2017, 20:11
Site very useful, but would again emphasize need for an option to display times in local time at selected spot, rather than the user's time. I cannot tell if there is an option to do this, although last comment implies there is. Can you help?
Richard Howard, 09.02.2018, 13:02
Great tool, but NEEDS to show the time zone of the times given. I tried a date/location in Europe and the times seemed to be in CST which is irrelevant because CEST will be in use on that date.
Chris Perkins, 19.02.2018, 13:21
Yes please, as all above to show the local time at the location you are looking at and not where you live.
Pawel, 17.07.2018, 08:49
It would be really useful to have local time!
chAlx, 11.02.2020, 14:02
Thanks for great service!

Timezones are really needed. As a first step it's possible just to add an UTC time line in parallel with visitor's time line.

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