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add degrees above horizon at time of day on arc

Add degrees that sun is above horizon at time of day on arch. That way you can see if the sun is going to clear a hill or building at a certain time of day at a certain location. Add this to a degrees relative to magnetic north and, with a compass, you can tell exactly where the sun will be at a given time and location.

Al Bundy , 31.08.2010, 18:17
Idea status: under consideration


Evan Thomas, 29.04.2011, 03:54
On a traditional sun chart you have the concentric circles to give you azimuth, maybe a toggle to turn them on/off would solve some one issue.
why, 05.12.2013, 14:13
I think this issue is just a part of the top request on the list, if I do not misunderstand the idea. I look forward to see your new version with the elevation and azimuth information.
*That* Guy, 26.03.2014, 18:27
Good call, though I would say the better location to display the elevation and angle would be in a small pop-up box on (under) the 'slider' part of the time slider. Azimuth is less useful to me ("Northwest" usually suffices for me), but might as well have it there too.
ROBERT MARNELL, 01.10.2014, 02:14
compass bearing,as overlay,at the press of a key,good for constrution,and mapping.without a degree
we will all be lost.
Mimi , 10.04.2015, 05:05
Can u help me plz ...If the length of the sun arc is 225 degrees, how many hours of daylight will we experience
JohnG_Toronto, 21.05.2016, 19:01
As the user drags the time sider, it would be great to see the time displayed somewhere in the GUI - near the date makes sense. Probably right next to the 'Now' button.
Jimster, 24.03.2017, 10:28
I'd like to have a table which gave the time for each day of the year that the sun was above X degrees - that way I would know that my Solar Panels are creating X kW of energy. I've worked out that at 33 degrees I'm getting 2.4kWh, which for my house means I have 2kW of free electricty to use (my base load is 0.4kW) hence I can start my washing machine !

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