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add degrees relative to magnetic north on arch

Add degrees relative to magnetic north for use with a compass.

Al Bundy , 31.08.2010, 18:12
Idea status: under consideration


Marlow Christensen, 28.01.2012, 20:41
This would allow to know from my position on the ground using a compass, where the sun will rise and set.
JdV, 10.06.2012, 04:01
I agree! it would be nice to know where the sun rises or sets above the horizon with respect to the actual location. Viewing obstructions may be a nuisance when one wants to know how much sun light is available when considering the installation a solar system for example. The actual angle of the sun rise and set would be useful for determining how much solar energy will be available.
capecodcardo, 10.09.2012, 13:09
I can't believe someone went through all the trouble of making this awesome website, and then neglected to give us directional degrees. What are we supposed to do, print the current page and bring it outside and aim the sunrise/sunset lines at the sun? It's kind of useless without degrees.
marshall mcmillan-zapf, 09.09.2013, 15:45
Google Maps looks to be aligned orthogonally on Magnetic North which is conventional.
SunCalc seems to coincide - how does this effect accuracy?
john , 08.03.2014, 16:49
Excellent tool for showing my school kids about the sun. Slider to show the sun direction at particular times is excellent. Suggestion would be to have a readout to be able to determine the compass position of the sun at a particular time of day. Why - well I don't want them looking at the sun so I'd get them to position our solar cooker in the morning using your tool then come gack out at lunch time and show them the device that they had safely set up opperating at full solar noon capacity. ! ( also combines geography leasons with ecology, science and health and safety teaching. Thanks though for what you have put up brill !
m taylor, 05.07.2014, 19:22
Brilliant & generous idea of yours - thank you so much. To design/build/alter a house I need to know the direction of sunset and sunrise (which way to orientate my breakfast room/sunroom/evening sunlight patio) so it would be great to be able to read compass degrees magnetic for the direction of the sun's rays at sunrise and sunset. I see this as a great practical addition to your tool for us in higher latitudes where the sun's position oscillates so much at different times of year. Could you incorporate such a read-out, say for 2 sites - London & Edinburgh? We might be able to guestimate between them for our own sites.
Again, thank you for your initiative.

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