A little online application with interactive map that shows sun movement and sunlight phases (with dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk times) during the given day at the given location.
I would like to...
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Weather Forecast must be in clear space not minus

The weather forecast button should be in a clear space not obscuring the minus button for the sun calc.
Judith Whitbread, 05.08.2017, 20:41
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time clock showing time when sliding bar

when you slide the bar for changing the time it would help to have a numerical time box showing exactly the time. i.e.: i want to know what time exactly the sun will peek around the side of my house. or how long will i get sun on the deck etc....
iain hoyte, 06.08.2017, 14:17
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Use my marked maps from google drive

In order to plan a long shooting day, seeing all the locations marked in my google map and the sun direction at the same time, is a wonderful tool.
Manuel Escobar, 08.08.2017, 21:52
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have a shadow live calc. Based on the mountains

I gues this couldn't be very hard. Google maps api gives heights based on the geology. They could be used to calculate shadow too.
jj, 11.08.2017, 08:18
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Show month selection same as time of the day

So far congratulations on creating this wonderful site. I think I would be made more intuitive by being able to scroll through weeks and months the same way you scroll through the hours of the selected day. Also, it would be interesting to be able...
Clarence, 20.08.2017, 14:26

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